Tata Group solidifies its presence in Indian aviation through the merger of Air India Express and AIX Connect, marking a significant step in their strategic expansion.

Air India Express and AIX Connect have achieved crucial integration milestones, now operating a combined fleet comprising B737s, B737 MAX, A320 neo, and A320 aircraft.

Tata Group announces plans to introduce 50 new B737 MAX aircraft over 15 months, enhancing connectivity and travel options for passengers.

The combined entity currently operates 2,700 flights per week, serving 44 destinations, further establishing Tata Group as a Low-Cost Carrier (LCC)

Tata Group strengthens its aviation business by merging Vistara with Air India, leveraging Vistara's partnership with Singapore Airlines.

In line with Tata Group's unwavering commitment, the merger complements India's booming aviation sector, which saw a 10% rise in air traffic over the past year, contributing to the nation's evolving air travel landscape.