🚨 French Skies in Turmoil: Major Disruptions Expected as Air Traffic Control Strikes! 🚨

AFR690 over runway 9, crossing in front of the ATC tower.

November 21, 2023 – The French skies are in chaos as air traffic control staff stage a major walkout, causing significant disruptions across several key airports. Travelers brace for impact as airlines including Ryanair and Jet2 warn of potential flight cancellations and delays.

French Sky Strike Scenario: What’s Happening?

  • Strike Duration: The walkout commenced at 6pm on Sunday, November 19, and is expected to last until Tuesday, November 21.
  • Cause of Disruption: French ATC staff are protesting a new law mandating a 48-hour notice before any industrial action.
ATC Tower. A Vueling A320 lifts-off from Rwy. 05.
Bordeaux – Merignac (BOD / LFBD) France Image Source: Robert Domandl

French Sky Strike Impact on Airlines and Travelers:

  • Flight Alterations: Airlines like BA are already canceling and delaying flights from the UK.
  • Minimal Disruption Assurance: Jet2 reassures passengers of minimal impact, but advises checking flight statuses.
  • Easyjet’s Stance: Urges travelers to stay informed and prepare for potential disruptions.
  • Ryanair’s Strong Response: Calls for EU Commission intervention and supports the ‘Protect Passengers: Keep EU Skies Open’ campaign.

Affected Airports: Where to Watch Out?

  • Paris-Orly and Toulouse-Blagnac: A quarter of flights cut.
  • Bordeaux-MΓ©rignac and Marseille-Provence: Around 20% flight cancellations expected.
  • Overflight Risk: Potential disruptions to flights heading to Spain and Switzerland.

Future Disruptions: What’s on the Horizon for 2024?

  • Air Traffic Control System Overhaul: A major upgrade of France’s 1970s air traffic control system this winter.
  • Projected Flight Cancellations: An estimated 16,500 flights might be canceled, primarily affecting short and medium-haul routes.
  • Timeframe of Disruption: From January 9 to February 14, 2024.

Your Rights as a Traveler: What to Know?

  • Immediate Action: Contact your airline for alternative arrangements or delay information.
  • Compensation: Depends on the airline’s control over the strike situation.
  • Package Holiday Protection: Check with your tour operator or travel agency for coverage.
  • UK and EU Law: Refund entitlements for cancellations informed less than 14 days from the flight date.

πŸ”Ή Table: Key Flight Disruptions and Advice

AirportExpected DisruptionAdvice for Travelers
Paris-Orly25% flights cutCheck airline updates
Toulouse-Blagnac25% flights cutStay informed
Bordeaux-MΓ©rignac20% cancellationsContact airlines
Marseille-Provence20% cancellationsPlan accordingly

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