Photo of a Malaysia Airlines aircraft parked at the gate with the boarding bridge attached. The scene is set at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Malaysia Airlines Ushers a Culinary Revolution: Gourmet In-Flight Meals Make a Grand Comeback!

The Anticipated Revival Good news for travelers! Malaysia Airlines is all set to reintroduce its iconic in-flight meal services by November 15, 2023, promising an elevated dining experience like never before. Journey to Renewal Datuk Captain Izham Ismail, the managing director of Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG), reveals that the airline is on the brink of…

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Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines Takes a Step Forward: In-Flight Meals Set to Return

Malaysia Airlines Bhd, the national carrier, plans to fully restore its in-flight meal services by November 15, 2023, as stated by Transport Minister Anthony Loke. The current allowance for passengers to bring their own food is a temporary measure during the transition to new catering service providers, ensuring compliance with international regulations on prohibited items….

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