Ajet Turkish airline Start in March 2024

✈️ AJet Takes Flight: Turkish Airlines’ Low-Cost Marvel Soars High! 🌐

Get ready for a thrilling takeoff as Turkish Airlines unveils its low-cost subsidiary, AJet Air Transportation. Breaking away as a standalone airline in late March 2024, AJet promises a new era in low-cost aviation. Let’s explore the exciting details that will make AJet a key player in the global skies. AJet’s Rebirth: πŸŽ‰ The rebirth…

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Photo of a Turkish Airlines aircraft on a runway in Nepal under a stormy sky. The aircraft is a Boeing 777 with the Turkish Airlines logo prominently

Dramatic Runway Scare: Turkish Airlines Flight TK726 Narrowly Avoids Disaster in Nepal!

In a heart-stopping incident that could have ended in catastrophe, Turkish Airlines Flight TK726 found itself in a perilous situation as it veered off the runway during its landing at Nepal’s Tribhuvan International Airport. The heart-pounding moment left 227 passengers and 11 crew members holding their breath, as one of the plane’s wheels grazed a…

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Turkish Airways Cabin Crew Evrim Skywalker

Turkish Airlines Introduces Intercontinental Network Changes for Northern Summer 2024

Turkish Airlines has made notable changes to its intercontinental flight operations for the Northern summer of 2024, set to take effect from March 31, 2024. Here are the latest adjustments as of October 27, 2023: This table provides a clear overview of the changes in Turkish Airlines’ Northern Summer 2024 intercontinental operations. Route Effective Date…

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