Dramatic Runway Scare: Turkish Airlines Flight TK726 Narrowly Avoids Disaster in Nepal!

Photo of a Turkish Airlines aircraft on a runway in Nepal under a stormy sky. The aircraft is a Boeing 777 with the Turkish Airlines logo prominently

In a heart-stopping incident that could have ended in catastrophe, Turkish Airlines Flight TK726 found itself in a perilous situation as it veered off the runway during its landing at Nepal’s Tribhuvan International Airport. The heart-pounding moment left 227 passengers and 11 crew members holding their breath, as one of the plane’s wheels grazed a grassy area. But the most astonishing part? No injuries and no damage to the aircraft!

This near-miss occurred as the Turkish Airlines jetliner, on its journey from Istanbul to Katmandu, was completing its landing. Purna Chudal, an official at the airport, reassured the public that all passengers and crew members emerged unscathed from this harrowing ordeal.


In recent years, Asia has witnessed a series of aviation incidents due to the rapid growth of air travel and tourism. Unfortunately, budget constraints, limited technical expertise, and personnel shortages have hampered safety initiatives in various parts of Asia. This alarming trend has even caught the attention of Nancy Graham, the top safety official at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), who emphasizes that countries with smaller travel markets, like Nepal, need to prioritize safety amidst the tourism boom.

MohanKrishna Sapkota, a spokesperson for Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, is quick to assert the country’s commitment to aviation safety, claiming that they meet ICAO standards. Still, incidents like TK726’s runway scare serve as a stark reminder of the challenges faced in this booming travel industry.

Officials attribute this heart-stopping incident to adverse weather conditions, with the incident taking place around 7:40 a.m. local time amidst heavy rainfall. The aftermath? Canceled domestic and international flights, paralyzing the country’s sole international airport. However, authorities are hard at work to clear the runway and restore normalcy, with the hope of resuming domestic flights by the afternoon and international flights by late afternoon.

This breathtaking escape from disaster serves as a wake-up call for the aviation industry and reminds us all of the importance of stringent safety measures in the face of burgeoning travel demands. Turkish Airlines Flight TK726’s miraculous survival stands as a testament to the dedication of aviation professionals and the resilience of modern air travel. #TurkishAirlines #TK726Miracle #NepalAviationSafety

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