Indigo Qantas Codesharing

India to Australia: IndiGo & Qantas Codeshare Elevates Travel Options with Direct Connections!

IndiGo and Qantas Extend Codeshare Agreement The Strategic Alliance: IndiGo, India’s leading airline, and Qantas Airways, Australia’s national carrier, are expanding their horizon with an extended codeshare partnership. This collaboration opens doors to four new destinations in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. Melbourne Leads the Way: The codeshare begins with Melbourne, soon to be…

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Indigo's Nordic Expansion

Indigo’s 3 Nordic Escapades: Direct to Helsinki, Stockholm, and Oslo!

IndiGo’s Nordic Expansion Gurugram – IndiGo (6E), India’s leading airline, has broadened its horizons by announcing new codeshare connections to Helsinki, Stockholm, and Oslo. This expansion, in collaboration with Turkish Airlines, opens doors to the mesmerizing beauty of northern Europe, starting November 2023. Connecting Cultures and Economies Vinay Malhotra, Head of Global Sales at IndiGo,…

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bustling cargo terminal with a diverse group of workers loading and unloading various cargo from an IndiGo aircraft

Aviation’s Astounding Transformation: IndiGo’s Cargo Boom, EFW’s Giant Leap, and Air Inuit’s Game-Changing Investment!

In a rapidly evolving aviation landscape, airlines are finding innovative ways to adapt, expand, and meet the demands of a changing market. Recent developments showcase the industry’s resilience and determination to navigate challenges while embracing new opportunities. IndiGo’s Cargo Expansion: IndiGo, the renowned Indian low-cost airline, has taken a bold step forward in its air…

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Photo of an IndiGo airline counter inside an airport terminal. Above the counter, a digital signboard displays in bold, clear letters_ 'Web Check in not required

IndiGo’s New Web Check-In Update: It’s Optional, But Should You Skip It?

IndiGo’s Stance on Web Check-InIndiGo, on Saturday, brought clarity regarding its web check-in process. The airline emphasized that web check-in, while not compulsory, offers a more streamlined airport experience for passengers. #6ETravelAdvisory: Web check-in is not a mandatory requirement, however, for a hassle-free flight experience, we recommend our customers to web check-in in advance. Web…

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Indian Aviation

Airlines to Increase Winter Flights by 8%

Flight Deployments in India for Winter Season India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has approved a significant increase in flight departures for the upcoming winter season. DGCA’s Winter Flight Approvals The DGCA approves flight departures for Indian airlines twice a year, for summer and winter schedules. The number of flights granted depends on airline…

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Indigo Boeing 777 Aircraft

IndiGo’s Expansion Plans for the Festive Season: New International Routes on the Horizon

Title: “IndiGo’s Soaring Aspirations for the Festive Season: Expanding International Routes and Codeshare Partnerships” In the lead-up to the festive season, Indian low-cost carrier IndiGo is poised for a remarkable journey, driven by an extensive expansion of international routes and strategic codeshare alliances. As the largest airline in India by market share and fleet size,…

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