IndiGo’s New Web Check-In Update: It’s Optional, But Should You Skip It?

Photo of an IndiGo airline counter inside an airport terminal. Above the counter, a digital signboard displays in bold, clear letters_ 'Web Check in not required

IndiGo’s Stance on Web Check-In
IndiGo, on Saturday, brought clarity regarding its web check-in process. The airline emphasized that web check-in, while not compulsory, offers a more streamlined airport experience for passengers.

  • Quote from IndiGo:
    β€œWeb check-in is not a mandatory requirement; however, for a hassle-free flight experience, we recommend our customers to web check-in in advance. Web check-in allows customers to have a smooth experience at the airport.”

Trending in Indian Aviation
Indian airlines have shown a remarkable increase in their flight operations. In the upcoming winter schedule, an 8% growth from the previous year is expected. The DGCA has approved this new schedule.

Go First Grounded for Winter
Go First, having ceased operations from May 3 due to insolvency resolution, won’t be participating in the winter schedule of 2023.

Winter Schedule 2023 Highlights
DGCA reports show that the winter schedule of 2023 will experience 23,732 weekly departures from 118 airports. This is an 8.16% increase from 2022, which had 21,941 departures from 106 airports.

  • Newly Proposed Airports:
    Nine airports, including Bhatinda, Jaisalmer, and Ludhiana, have been introduced for operations by scheduled airlines.

Summer vs Winter 2023
Summer of 2023 saw 22,907 weekly departures from 110 airports. When compared, the winter schedule is expected to increase flight counts by 3.60%.

IndiGo’s Dominance in the Sky
IndiGo sets the benchmark by operating a whopping 13,119 weekly domestic flights in the upcoming winter schedule. This marks a significant 30.08% growth from the previous year.

Air India’s Flight Frequency
Air India’s contribution to the winter schedule has increased by 18.94% from last year, with 2,367 weekly flights. Collaboratively, Air India Express and AIX Connect will be managing 1,940 flights every week.

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