Indigo’s 3 Nordic Escapades: Direct to Helsinki, Stockholm, and Oslo!

Indigo's Nordic Expansion

IndiGo’s Nordic Expansion

Gurugram – IndiGo (6E), India’s leading airline, has broadened its horizons by announcing new codeshare connections to Helsinki, Stockholm, and Oslo. This expansion, in collaboration with Turkish Airlines, opens doors to the mesmerizing beauty of northern Europe, starting November 2023.

Connecting Cultures and Economies

Vinay Malhotra, Head of Global Sales at IndiGo, expressed excitement about these new connections. These routes are not just about travel; they’re about cultural exchange and economic collaboration. Helsinki attracts Indian students and professionals, while Stockholm and Oslo foster stronger ties with Sweden and Norway.

Discovering Nordic Gems

Each of these cities has its unique charm:

  • Helsinki: Nestled by the Baltic Sea, Helsinki is a blend of history and modernity, home to the Helsinki Cathedral, Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, and vibrant Design District.
  • Stockholm: Sweden’s capital offers a historical journey through Gamla Stan, the grand Royal Palace, and the contemporary City Hall, alongside an array of culinary delights.
  • Oslo: Norway’s capital presents a mix of Scandinavian traditions and modern life, with attractions like the Akershus Fortress, Viking Ship Museum, and Holmenkollen Ski Jump.
Indigo connecting to Helsinki Stockholm and Oslo

IndiGo’s Commitment to Global Connectivity

These flights cater to both business and leisure travelers, enhancing IndiGo’s international connectivity. Customers can book tickets via IndiGo’s official website, exploring new affordable flying options.

Flight Schedule Overview

Flight No.OriginDestinationFrequencyEffectiveDepartureArrival
6E 4280IstanbulOsloDailyNov 17, 202309:0011:00
6E 4283OsloIstanbulDailyNov 17, 202311:5017:55
6E 4285OsloIstanbulSundayNov 19, 202318:0500:05
6E 4307IstanbulOsloSundayNov 19, 202315:1517:15
6E 4279IstanbulOsloDaily except SunNov 17, 202315:1517:15
6E 4284OsloIstanbulDaily except SunNov 17, 202318:0500:05
6E 4285OsloIstanbulSundayJan 14, 202417:3023:30
6E 4307IstanbulOsloSundayJan 14, 202414:4016:40
6E 4280IstanbulOsloDailyMar 24, 202409:0012:00
6E 4283OsloIstanbulDailyMar 24, 202412:5017:55
6E 4285OsloIstanbulSundayMar 24, 202418:3023:30
6E 4307IstanbulOsloSundayMar 24, 202414:4017:40
6E 4279IstanbulOsloDaily except SunMar 25, 202415:1518:15
6E 4284OsloIstanbulDaily except SunMar 25, 202419:0500:05
6E 4279IstanbulOsloDailyMar 31, 202415:0017:55
6E 4280IstanbulOsloDailyMar 31, 202408:0511:00
6E 4281IstanbulOsloTue, Wed, Fri, SunMar 31, 202411:0013:55
6E 4282OsloIstanbulTue, Wed, Fri, SunMar 31, 202414:4519:35
6E 4283OsloIstanbulDailyMar 31, 202411:5016:45
6E 4284OsloIstanbulDailyMar 31, 202418:4523:35
6E 4275IstanbulHelsinkiDailySep 25, 202308:2012:05
6E 4275IstanbulHelsinkiDailyOct 29, 202308:5011:35
6E 4275IstanbulHelsinkiDailyMar 24, 202408:5012:35
6E 4275IstanbulHelsinkiDailyMar 31, 202408:2012:05
6E 4276IstanbulHelsinkiDailySep 25, 202315:0518:50
6E 4276IstanbulHelsinkiDailyOct 29, 202315:1518:00
6E 4276IstanbulHelsinkiDailyMar 24, 202415:1519:00
6E 4276IstanbulHelsinkiDailyMar 31, 202415:0518:50
6E 4277HelsinkiIstanbulDailySep 25, 202312:5516:45
6E 4277HelsinkiIstanbulDailyOct 29, 202312:2517:20
6E 4277HelsinkiIstanbulDailyMar 24, 202413:2517:20
6E 4277HelsinkiIstanbulDailyMar 31, 202412:5516:45
6E 4278HelsinkiIstanbulDailySep 25, 202319:4023:25
6E 4278HelsinkiIstanbulDailyOct 29, 202318:5023:40
6E 4278HelsinkiIstanbulDailyMar 24, 202419:5023:40
6E 4278HelsinkiIstanbulDailyMar 31, 202419:4023:25
6E 4301IstanbulStockholmDaily except WedSep 25, 202311:5014:30
6E 4301IstanbulStockholmMon, Wed, Fri, SunOct 02, 202311:5014:30
6E 4301IstanbulStockholmMon, Wed, Fri, SatOct 30, 202311:4513:30
6E 4301IstanbulStockholmMon, Wed, Fri, SatMar 25, 202411:4514:30
6E 4301IstanbulStockholmMon, Wed, Fri, SunMar 31, 202411:5014:30
6E 4301IstanbulStockholmDailyJun 10, 202411:5014:30
6E 4302IstanbulStockholmDailySep 25, 202307:3510:15
6E 4302IstanbulStockholmDailyOct 29, 202308:5510:40
6E 4302IstanbulStockholmDailyMar 24, 202408:5511:40
6E 4302IstanbulStockholmDailyMar 31, 202407:3510:15
6E 4303IstanbulStockholmDaily except Tue & ThuSep 25, 202315:0017:40
6E 4303IstanbulStockholmDailyOct 02, 202315:0017:40
6E 4303IstanbulStockholmDailyOct 29, 202315:1517:00
6E 4303IstanbulStockholmDailyMar 24, 202415:1518:00
6E 4303IstanbulStockholmDailyMar 31, 202415:0017:40
6E 4304StockholmIstanbulDaily except WedSep 25, 202315:2020:00
6E 4304StockholmIstanbulMon, Wed, Fri, SunOct 02, 202315:2020:00
6E 4304StockholmIstanbulMon, Wed, Fri, SatOct 30, 202314:2020:05
6E 4304StockholmIstanbulMon, Wed, Fri, SatMar 25, 202415:2020:05
6E 4304StockholmIstanbulMon, Wed, Fri, SunMar 31, 202415:2020:00
6E 4304StockholmIstanbulDailyJun 10, 202415:2020:00
6E 4305StockholmIstanbulDailySep 25, 202311:0515:50
6E 4305StockholmIstanbulDailyOct 29, 202311:3017:15
6E 4305StockholmIstanbulDailyMar 24, 202412:3017:15
6E 4305StockholmIstanbulDailyMar 31, 202411:0515:50
6E 4306StockholmIstanbulDaily except Tue & ThuSep 25, 202318:3023:10
6E 4306StockholmIstanbulDailyOct 02, 202318:3023:10
6E 4306StockholmIstanbulDailyOct 29, 202317:5023:35
6E 4306StockholmIstanbulDailyMar 24, 202418:5023:35
6E 4306StockholmIstanbulDailyMar 31, 202418:3023:10
Indigo Flight schedule in Nordic

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About IndiGo’s New Nordic Routes

1. When do IndiGo’s new flights to Helsinki, Stockholm, and Oslo start?

  • Flights to Helsinki and Stockholm commence on November 23, 2023, while services to Oslo start from November 17, 2023.

2. Are these direct flights from India to the Nordic countries?

  • No, these are codeshare flights via Istanbul in partnership with Turkish Airlines, offering seamless connectivity from India to the Nordic destinations.

3. What can travelers explore in Helsinki, Stockholm, and Oslo?

  • Helsinki offers cultural treasures and a modern urban flair. Stockholm is famous for its historic Old Town and Royal Palace, while Oslo is known for its rich Norwegian heritage and outdoor activities.

4. Who can benefit from these new routes?

  • Business travelers, students, professionals, and tourists looking for new and affordable options to northern Europe.

5. How can customers book these flights?

  • Tickets can be booked through IndiGo’s official website,

6. What does this expansion mean for IndiGo?

  • It marks IndiGo’s commitment to broadening global connectivity and enhancing the passenger experience across Europe, North Africa, and the USA.

7. Are there any special facilities or services on these flights?

  • While specific on-board services haven’t been detailed, IndiGo is known for its commitment to affordable, on-time, and hassle-free travel experiences.

8. How does this impact the airline’s network?

  • This expansion increases IndiGo’s international connectivity, adding to its extensive network of 85 domestic and 32 international destinations.

9. What aircraft will be used for these flights?

  • The specific aircraft types for these routes have not been disclosed yet.

10. Is there any special offer or discount for early bookings?

  • As of now, there are no specific offers announced for early bookings on these routes.

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