Exciting Update! Korean Air Adds More Flights Between Seoul and Osaka for December 2023!


Attention travelers! Korean Air unveiled new adjustments to its flight schedule between Seoul Incheon and Osaka Kansai. Beginning from the 1st of December to the 15th of December 2023, the airline will continue with its 4th daily flight, KE727/728. This decision comes as a delightful surprise, especially after the airline’s earlier announcement of discontinuing the 4th daily service from 01DEC23 to 30MAR24.

Korean Air Flight Schedule (Seoul Incheon to Osaka Kansai):

Flight No.Departure TimeArrival TimeAircraft Type
KE723ICN09001045KIX333 D
KE727ICN11201305KIXEQV D
KE725ICN15101700KIX333 D
KE721ICN19052100KIX32Q D

Korean Air Flight Schedule (Osaka Kansai to Seoul Incheon):

Flight No.Departure TimeArrival TimeAircraft Type
KE722KIX09201115ICN32Q D
KE724KIX11151400ICN333 D
KE728KIX14151610ICNEQV D
KE726KIX18102015ICN333 D

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  1. Why was the 4th daily service previously removed?
    • The previous decision was based on various operational and strategic factors. However, due to increasing demand, Korean Air has decided to continue with the 4th daily flight for the first half of December.
  2. Are there any travel restrictions or COVID-19 protocols in place?
    • Travelers are advised to check with Korean Air or the respective country’s embassy for the latest updates on travel restrictions and safety protocols.
  3. Can I reschedule or cancel my flight if needed?
    • Please refer to Korean Air’s official website for detailed information on their cancellation and rescheduling policies.

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