Finavia Announces Expansion: Finnish Airports Welcome 24 New Routes

Photo of an airport terminal in Finland with a bustling atmosphere. Airplanes from various carriers are visible on the tarmac

Finavia’s Winter Expansion: Global Reach from Finland The Finnish airport operator, Finavia, is all set to widen its horizons, unveiling 24 new routes for the 2023-2024 winter season. With this move, Finland will now have direct air connections to more than 130 global destinations during the winter months. This strategic expansion marks a significant milestone for Finnish aviation, solidifying its presence in the global aviation sector.

Global Aviation Winter Season: New Beginnings Starting from October 29, the onset of the global aviation winter season will witness the launch of new routes across Finavia’s airports, enhancing international connectivity and boosting Finland’s accessibility.

Lapland’s Airports: A Record Winter Season Ahead Finavia-operated airports in Lapland are gearing up for an unprecedented winter season with the inauguration of 18 new routes originating from Europe. The season promises a total of 35 direct international routes to Lapland, a surge in passenger capacity, and notable flight introductions from airlines like Ryanair, EasyJet, Iberia Airlines, and more.

December 2: A Milestone Day in Lapland Aviation The day stands out with four distinct airlines – Iberia Airlines, Vueling, Finnair, and Austrian Airlines – commencing their services. January 2024 will also see Eurowings initiating a new route connecting Rovaniemi to Berlin.

EasyJet and Eurowings: Expanding Finnish Connections November will witness EasyJet starting two new routes to KittilΓ€, and Eurowings is slated to kick off holiday flights from Ivalo and Kuusamo airports. Additionally, Edelweiss Air and Lufthansa are set to introduce their services to Ivalo and Kuusamo in 2024.

Beyond Lapland: A Winter of Expansive Routes Air Baltic is set to diversify its offerings with new routes from Tampere-Pirkkala Airport, introducing destinations like Tenerife, Las Palmas, and daily flights to Tallinn. Lufthansa and SAS are also broadening their horizons with new routes, connecting regions like Oulu to Munich and Helsinki-Vantaa to Oslo.

Helsinki-Vantaa’s Global Reach As an epicenter of Finnish aviation, Helsinki-Vantaa is not just enhancing European connections but is also branching out to long-haul destinations. Finnair, Japan Airlines, and Juneyao Airlines are offering direct flights to regions like North America, the Middle East, Asia, and China, making Helsinki-Vantaa a true global hub.

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