Fly Direct to Phuket’s Sunlit Shores: AZUR Air’s Expanded Network Ignites Winter Escapes

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AZUR Air Amplifies Phuket Flight Network for Winter 2023

Explore the breadth of AZUR Air’s flight network as it widens its reach to Phuket, connecting more Russian cities to Thailand’s most beloved island retreat.

New Horizons: AZUR Air’s Network Expansion to Phuket

Delve into the world of new possibilities with additional flights to Phuket, turning the island’s tropical dreams into a winter reality.

Your Direct Line to Tropical Bliss

AZUR Air’s flight additions are not just about new destinations; they are your direct lines to the relaxation, adventure, and cultural richness of Phuket.

Detailed Route Expansion:

Discover the convenience and comfort of the expanded routes offered by AZUR Air, bringing Phuket closer to your doorstep with the expanded fleet of Boeing 767-300ERs.

SEO Optimized Table for Detailed Routes:

OriginDestinationEffective DateFrequencyAircraft
OmskPhuket01 Nov 2023Every 6-7 days (5-7 from 26 Dec)Boeing 767-300ER
TomskPhuket12 Nov 2023Every 12 daysBoeing 767-300ER

Utapao: The New Thai Connection

The expansion is not just limited to Phuket. Discover how AZUR Air is making Utapao an exciting alternative, offering six unique routes to explore Thailand’s underrated gem.

Source: exyuaviation

The Return of a Classic

Tomsk revives its link to Phuket, offering travelers the chance to reconnect with the island’s enchanting beaches and vibrant culture.

Wide Network, Wide-Body Comfort

From 16 Russian cities, AZUR Air’s network unfurls to reveal a canvas of choices for your winter escape, all aboard the spacious and modern Boeing 767-300ER.

Source: AeroRoutes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: What does AZUR Air’s expansion mean for travelers seeking a winter getaway?

More frequent and varied flight options, direct connections, and increased accessibility to Thailand’s most picturesque island—Phuket.

Q2: Why is Utapao a significant addition to AZUR Air’s winter schedule?

It diversifies the Thai destinations available to Russian tourists, presenting a quieter, yet equally enchanting alternative to the bustling Phuket.

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