Fly to Tokyo for Less: Jetstar’s Game-Changing Low-Cost Flights Take Off!


Melbourne – Brisbane’s skies just got a whole lot busier with Jetstar‘s groundbreaking inaugural flight to Tokyo. Say goodbye to hefty airfares because Jetstar, the trailblazer in budget-friendly travel, is now whisking passengers directly from Brisbane to the dazzling lights of Tokyo.

The much-anticipated departure today marks the beginning of a journey offering nearly a quarter-million seats annually on this route alone. Jetstar’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners will grace the skies with five round trips per week, soon to become a daily affair come December.

For the first time, travelers from Queensland’s heartland can fly non-stop to Tokyo without the sting of traditional costs, it’s not just about cost savings; Brisbane’s economy is set for a significant boost with the expected influx of tourists.

Source: JetStar

But wait, there’s more – Jetstar doesn’t stop there. They’re setting the stage to launch two additional routes, expanding Southeast Queensland’s connection with Asia by including Osaka and Seoul into their flight network.

Starting in February 2024, Jetstar will commence four weekly return flights to Osaka and three to Seoul, thanks to the support of Queensland’s Attracting Aviation Investment Fund.

Jetstar’s CEO, Stephanie Tully, envisions a ripple effect of benefits from these new routes, envisioning an outpour of over 480,000 new seats each year. Tourists from Tokyo, Osaka, and Seoul are predicted to bolster Queensland’s economy while presenting Queenslanders with irresistible opportunities to explore these vibrant Asian cities.

Brisbane Airport’s own Gert-Jan de Graaff echoes the excitement, acknowledging the timely nature of this venture when the cost of living has everyone tightening their belts.

In partnership with Brisbane Airport, Jetstar is launching a bold challenge to the status quo, transforming Brisbane into a thriving hub for affordable international travel.

Flight Schedules at a Glance:

From Brisbane to Tokyo (Narita)

Flight #FrequencyDepart (BNE)Arrive (NRT)
JQ9Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun10:4018:40

Returning from Tokyo to Brisbane

Flight #FrequencyDepart (NRT)Arrive (BNE)
JQ10Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun21:0006:35 +1

From Brisbane to Seoul (Incheon), starting 1 Feb 2024

Flight #FrequencyDepart (BNE)Arrive (ICN)
JQ53Tue, Thu, Sat11:4520:15

Returning from Seoul to Brisbane

Flight #FrequencyDepart (ICN)Arrive (BNE)
JQ54Tue, Thu, Sat21:5008:00

From Brisbane to Osaka (Kansai), starting 2 Feb 2024

Flight #FrequencyDepart (BNE)Arrive (KIX)
JQ23Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun11:4519:45

Returning from Osaka to Brisbane

Flight #FrequencyDepart (KIX)Arrive (BNE)
JQ24Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun21:4507:25 +1

With tickets available until they’re snapped up and exclusive to those who act fast, Jetstar is setting a new precedent for international travel. Get ready, get set, and go – these low-cost seats won’t last long, so plan your next adventure now!

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