Akasa Air CEO Announces Three-Digit Aircraft Order Plans in 75 Days

Akasa Air

Akasa Air CEO Vinay Dube has revealed the airline’s intention to place an order for a significant number of aircraft within the next 75 days. This decision comes in the wake of a challenging pilot exodus that significantly affected the airline’s operations. The airline is well-prepared to fund this ambitious order, with strong cash reserves and a commitment to long-term growth.

Challenges Faced Due to Pilot Resignations

Dube acknowledged the unprecedented and unexpected pilot resignations that impacted the airline’s workforce. Despite these challenges, Akasa Air has increased its pilot numbers by about 30% between April and September, demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity. Legal actions have been taken against the pilots who left without notice.

International Expansion Plans

Akasa Air is gearing up to expand its operations to international destinations in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait. While specific launch dates have not been provided, the airline is actively working on securing the necessary approvals and designated Indian carrier status for its international flights. The airline is excited about its future plans and is focused on building a strong long-term presence in the industry.

Fleet Expansion Goals

The airline’s growth ambitions include ending the current calendar year with 22 aircraft and targeting approximately 40 aircraft in the next fiscal year, reflecting its commitment to expansion and development.

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