Akasa Air Promises Fair Investigation into Alleged Harassment by Off-Duty Pilot

Vinay Dubey Akasa Air

Akasa Air, the airline in question, has responded to a 20-year-old student’s allegations of harassment by an off-duty pilot during a Bengaluru-Pune flight earlier this month. The student had taken to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) on October 3 to share her experience of what she termed an “excruciatingly bad intrusion into privacy.”

The incident allegedly involved the student being offered alcohol and harassed by a non-flying captain who was an off-duty pilot at Akasa Air.

In response to the social media posts, Akasa Air issued a statement expressing its intent to investigate the matter fairly and expeditiously. The airline noted that it had made several attempts to contact the passenger but was initially unsuccessful in reaching her. However, they eventually succeeded in making contact with the complainant through their legal and customer experience team.

According to an Akasa Air spokesperson, the airline has a zero-tolerance policy towards its code of conduct, and passenger safety, privacy, and comfort are of the utmost priority. The spokesperson also confirmed that they conducted an internal investigation into the incident and clarified that the off-duty pilot was not consuming alcohol on board the flight.

Akasa Air’s commitment to ensuring a fair investigation and its zero-tolerance policy align with industry standards and passengers’ expectations of a safe and respectful flying experience. The airline’s proactive approach to addressing the issue is an important step in maintaining the trust and confidence of its passengers.

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