Discover Airlines: A Journey of Exploration and Luxury

Discover Airlines Eurowings Discover

Unveiling the World of Discover Airlines

Discover Airlines, formerly known as “Eurowings Discover,” is the embodiment of luxury travel, introducing passengers to a world of exploration and relaxation. Headquartered in Frankfurt and proudly owned by the Lufthansa Group, Discover Airlines spreads its wings across destinations in the Mediterranean, North America, Africa, and the Caribbean. This gem in the aviation industry, born in 2021, recently unveiled its new identity, “Discover,” on September 5, 2023. Its inaugural flight, aboard an Airbus A320, embarked from Frankfurt to the breathtaking destinations of Mombasa and Zanzibar.

Discover Airlines, Eurowings Discover
Source- Discover Airlines (Eurowings Discover)

Expanding Horizons

With its rebranding efforts underway, Discover Airlines is set to embrace growth and expansion, particularly at Munich Airport. In December 2023, passengers can expect revamped crew uniforms and cabin furnishings, embodying the airline’s fresh new identity.

Discover Airlines: A World of Destinations

Discover Airlines opens a world of possibilities, connecting travelers to a plethora of exotic destinations, including Croatia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, Namibia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Maldives, Turkey, Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, the USA, and Norway. This extensive network ensures you can explore your dream destination with ease.

For your convenience, we have added the country and the destinations which you can plan for your upcoming vacation.

CroatiaFrankfurt to Dubrovnik
GreeceMunich to Chania
GreeceMunich to Heraklion
GreeceMunich to Corfu
GreeceMunich to Kos
GreeceMunich to Mykonos
GreeceMunich to Rhodes
GreeceMunich to Santorini
ItalyFrankfurt to Bari
PortugalMunich to Funchal-Madeira
SpainMunich to Fuerteventura
SpainFrankfurt to Ibiza
SpainMunich to Jerez de la Frontera
SpainMunich to Lanzarote
SpainMunich to Las Palmas – Gran Canary
SpainFrankfurt to Mahon – Menorca
SpainFrankfurt to Palma de Mallorca
SpainFrankfurt to Santa Cruz de la Palma
SpainMunich to Tenerife
EgyptMunich to Hurghada
EgyptMunich to Marsa Alam
KenyaFrankfurt to Mombasa
MauritiusFrankfurt to Mauritius
MoroccoMunich to Marrakech
NamibiaFrankfurt to Windhoek
TanzaniaFrankfurt to Kilimanjaro
TanzaniaFrankfurt to Zanzibar
TunisiaFrankfurt to Djerba
TunisiaFrankfurt to Monastir
ZimbabweFrankfurt to Victoria Falls
MaldivesFrankfurt to Male – Maldives
TurkeyMunich to Antalya
TurkeyMunich to Bodrum
CanadaFrankfurt to Calgary
Dominican RepublicFrankfurt to Punta Cana
MexicoFrankfurt to Cancun
USAFrankfurt to Fort Myers
USAFrankfurt to Las Vegas
USAFrankfurt to Orlando
USAFrankfurt to Philadelphia
USAFrankfurt to Tampa
NorwayFrankfurt to Evenes
Discover Airlines (Eurowings Discover) Destinations

Discover Airlines’ extensive network ensures you have a wide range of exciting destinations to choose from for your next adventure.

Upcoming Flight Schedule of Discover Airlines at Munich

Eurowings Discover, Discover Airlines
Source- Discover Airlines (Eurowings Discover)

In 2024, Discover Airlines plans to increase its fleet to a total of 28 aircraft, adding 5 Airbus A320s and one Airbus A330. From Munich, the airline’s short-haul aircraft will take off approximately 60 times a week, whisking passengers away to 23 leisure destinations. Additionally, 10 Airbus A320s and 13 Airbus A330s will offer flights from Frankfurt to 33 short and medium-haul destinations and 17 long-haul destinations. For those who love long-haul travel from Munich, Discover Airlines has exciting plans set for the year 2025.

Travel Classes of Discover Airlines to Suit Your Style

Discover Airlines is all about providing a tailored experience. On short and medium-haul flights, you can choose from Business Class or Economy Class. For long-haul journeys, passengers enjoy the luxury of Business Class, Premium Economy Class, or Economy Class. The choice is yours.

Your Baggage, Your Way

Travelers can travel worry-free with Discover Airlines. Depending on your class of travel, you can bring the baggage that suits your needs. Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, and Business Class all have their specific baggage allowances, ensuring your comfort throughout your journey.

Discover Airlines (Eurowings Discover)
Source- Discover Airlines (Eurowings Discover)

Special Baggage Services by Discover Airlines

Discover Airlines recognizes the uniqueness of its passengers’ travel needs. Special baggage services are available for sports equipment, musical instruments, and technical equipment, each tailored to their specific requirements.

In conclusion, Discover Airlines is your ticket to exciting destinations and exceptional customer service. Your journey will be not just memorable but also utterly pleasurable. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the world with Discover Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Discover Airlines

1. What is Discover Airlines, and how is it related to Eurowings Discover?

  • Discover Airlines, formerly known as Eurowings Discover, is a German airline owned by the Lufthansa Group. It was introduced in 2021 as Eurowings Discover and rebranded as Discover in September 2023.

2. Where is Discover Airlines headquartered?

  • Discover Airlines is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany.

3. What regions does Discover Airlines serve?

  • Discover Airlines offers its services to destinations in the Mediterranean, North America, Africa, the Caribbean, and more.

4. When did Discover Airlines take its first flight as Discover, and where did it go?

  • Discover Airlines, under its new identity, took its inaugural flight on September 5, 2023. The first flight was an Airbus A320 journey from Frankfurt to Mombasa and Zanzibar.

5. What are Discover Airlines’ plans for growth and expansion?

  • Discover Airlines is set to grow with the addition of 5 Airbus A320s and one Airbus A330 in 2024. The airline plans to operate short-haul flights from Munich and expand its long-haul services from Frankfurt.

6. What are the travel classes provided by Discover Airlines?

  • Discover Airlines offers different travel classes for short and medium-haul and long-haul flights. For short and medium-haul flights, you can choose between Business Class and Economy Class. For long-haul journeys, passengers can enjoy Business Class, Premium Economy Class, or Economy Class.

7. What are the baggage details for Discover Airlines passengers?

  • Baggage allowances vary based on your travel class. For example, in Economy Class, passengers are allowed 1 piece of baggage weighing up to 23 kg, along with carry-on baggage and personal items. Premium Economy and Business Class passengers have different baggage allowances.

8. Does Discover Airlines provide special baggage services for unique items?

  • Yes, Discover Airlines offers special baggage services for items such as sports equipment, musical instruments, and technical equipment, each with specific requirements.

9. How can I book a flight with Discover Airlines?

  • You can book a flight with Discover Airlines through their official website or by contacting their customer service. Here is the link –

10. What sets Discover Airlines apart from other airlines? – Discover Airlines offers a unique combination of luxurious travel experiences and an extensive network of destinations. Its commitment to passenger comfort and satisfaction makes it a standout choice for travelers seeking an unforgettable journey.

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