Horrifying Incident Involving Drunk Ryanair Passenger Confronting Cabin Crew

Ryanair Cabin Crew

An alarming incident occurred on a Ryanair flight from Manchester to Dublin when a visibly intoxicated passenger clashed with cabin crew. The passenger, who had reportedly purchased a liter of JΓ€germeister in the duty-free area before boarding, became unruly on the flight.

Drunk Passenger misbehaves with Cabin Crew
Ryanair Drunk Passenger Misbehaving with Cabin Crew

The altercation was captured on video as the passenger confronted cabin crew members. One crew member attempted to restrain the passenger but was pushed back and collided with another steward. Passengers on the flight can be heard urging the man to sit down and requesting that he stop his disruptive behavior.

Due to the incident, the flight, which was originally scheduled to depart at 10:40 pm on Friday, took off at 3:29 am the following day, almost five hours behind schedule.

A 37-year-old passenger from Stockport, who witnessed the incident, described the man as “swearing” and “acting violently” on the flight. She mentioned that the cabin crew had exceeded their working hours and needed to be replaced, causing a further delay.

The incident left passengers traumatized, with some children on the flight reportedly crying due to the situation. The unruly passenger was arrested by police officers and removed from the plane.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson confirmed the arrest of a 27-year-old man on board the plane on suspicion of being drunk. He was taken into police custody for questioning.

Ryanair has not yet provided a comment on the incident.

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