Top 10 Airlines Bridging India and the USA in 2023-24: Fly High Across Continents!

Top 10 Airlines that Fly to USA from India

In an era where the world has become a global village, the skies between India and the USA have never been busier. The increasing business relations, the flourishing Indian diaspora in the United States, and the rise in leisure travel have all contributed to an unprecedented demand for direct and convenient one-stop flights connecting these two vast nations.

Today, a myriad of airlines caters to this burgeoning demand, offering routes that span thousands of miles across the globe. From the opulent and luxurious to the budget-friendly, each airline brings a unique flavor to the journey, making the experience as memorable as the destination itself.

The choices available to travelers today are numerous, but which airlines truly stand out? Which carriers have taken the lead in providing not just a means to travel, but a promise of reliability, comfort, and excellence? As we gear up to reveal the top airlines that have made a mark in connecting India to the USA, we invite you to fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a journey through the clouds, where dreams soar high and distances are merely numbers.

Stay tuned as we embark on a discovery of the top 10 airlines that offer the best of the skies, ensuring that no matter where you are in India, the American dream is just a flight away.

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Air India: The Indian Connection to the American Dream

India’s Flag Carrier Expands Its Wings

Air India, the nation’s flag carrier, has long established its presence in the hearts of travelers flying between India and the USA. Renowned for its signature hospitality, Air India offers direct flights to several major US cities, including New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. The airline’s dedication to providing non-stop travel conveniences pairs beautifully with the cultural warmth they are known for, making it a preferred choice for many voyaging across continents.

Air India AviationAdda.Com

Air India’s Direct US Routes

RouteFrequencyAircraft UsedNotable Services
Delhi to New York (JFK)DailyBoeing 777Maharaja Service, Wi-Fi*
Mumbai to San Francisco3x WeeklyBoeing 777Enhanced Comfort, Gourmet Cuisine
Delhi to Chicago4x WeeklyBoeing 777Additional Legroom, In-flight Entertainment

*Wi-Fi availability may vary depending on the aircraft and route.

Air India’s commitment to service excellence is further evidenced by its plans to stretch its wings further. As per recent reports, Air India is exploring new horizons with potential destinations like Boston and Los Angeles on its radar. This expansion is a testament to the airline’s ongoing efforts to enhance its global footprint, especially in the lucrative US market.

Air India’s Prospective US Expansion

Prospective DestinationStatusExpected Benefits
BostonUnder ConsiderationConnects key educational hubs
Los AngelesUnder EvaluationGateway to the West Coast

Under the stewardship of the Tata Group, Air India’s fleet and operations are undergoing a significant transformation. The addition of new aircraft and the revitalization of the existing fleet are equipping the airline with the much-needed capacity to scale up its operations and to meet the growing demand for India-US travel.

As the landscape of international travel evolves, Air India stands poised to not only meet but exceed the expectations of its passengers. With its heart rooted in Indian tradition and its eyes set on global horizons, Air India continues to be a bridge between the vibrant culture of India and the enterprising spirit of the USA.

United Airlines: Your Direct Gateway from the USA to India

An American Giant’s Indian Sojourn

United Airlines stands tall as a major player connecting the United States with the heart of India. Offering direct flights from its various hubs to bustling cities like Delhi and Mumbai, United Airlines caters to a broad spectrum of travelers, ranging from business professionals to tourists seeking the warmth of home. Their expansive network within the USA, combined with strategic international links, ensures a seamless journey from the skyscrapers of America to the heritage-rich landscapes of India.

United Airlines AviationAdda.Com

United Airlines Direct Routes to India

RouteFrequencyAircraft UsedNotable Services
San Francisco (SFO) to Delhi (DEL)DailyBoeing 787-9 DreamlinerUnited Polaris, Premium Plus
Newark (EWR) to Mumbai (BOM)Daily (Double Daily from Oct 28, 2023)Boeing 777-300ERPolaris Business Class, Economy Plus
Chicago (ORD) to Delhi (DEL)Starting Mar 20, 2024Boeing 787-9 DreamlinerPremium Economy, Wi-Fi*

*Wi-Fi availability may vary depending on the aircraft and route.

United’s commitment to the Indian market is unwavering, even in the face of competition. The airline’s nonstop services have been a bridge across continents, and its dedication to enhancing connectivity is evident in its decision to double its daily services from Newark to New Delhi starting October 28, 2023.

United’s Competitive Edge

Service AspectsUnited AirlinesCompetitors
FrequencyIncreased to double daily on EWR-DEL routeVaried frequencies
Premium CabinUnited Polaris and Premium Plus optionsComparable business classes
Economy ClassEconomy Plus with extra legroomStandard economy offerings

As United Airlines gears up for the winter schedule of 2023, travelers can look forward to booking their journeys on this esteemed carrier, known for its quality service and customer satisfaction. The airline’s foresight in expanding services to cater to the festive rush is a testament to its customer-centric approach.

In the competitive skies, United Airlines distinguishes itself with its Polaris business class, an epitome of luxury and comfort, pitted against Air India’s liberal baggage policy that appeals to the economy traveler. Despite the shelving of the San Francisco to Bengaluru project, United’s stronghold in the market remains robust, offering discerning travelers a variety of choices to tailor their journey as they see fit.

United Airlines not only connects two nations but also bridges the cultural expanse, bringing people closer whether they are flying for business, education, or the simple joy of travel.

Emirates: Your Luxurious One-Stop Connector to the USA from India

A Global Connector’s Indian Chapter

Emirates, the luxurious flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates, serves as a central gateway for Indian travelers seeking to explore the vast expanses of the United States. With its central hub in Dubai, Emirates provides convenient one-stop connections to an array of US destinations. Known for their exemplary customer service and top-notch facilities, Emirates ensures that your journey is as memorable as the destination itself.

Emirates’ One-stop US Destinations from India

Indian CityUS DestinationTransitFlight Experience
Mumbai (BOM)New York (JFK)Dubai (DXB)World-renowned ICE entertainment system
Delhi (DEL)Los Angeles (LAX)Dubai (DXB)Onboard lounge for Business and First Class
Bangalore (BLR)Chicago (ORD)Dubai (DXB)Private suites in First Class

Emirates’ Service Highlights

AmenitiesEconomy ClassBusiness ClassFirst Class
SeatsErgonomically designedLie-flat seatsPrivate suites
DiningRegionally inspired gourmet mealsOn-demand diningFine dining with premium wines
EntertainmentOver 4,500 channels of ICELarge screens, noise-cancelling headphonesPersonal minibar, Shower Spa (A380)

Emirates not only elevates the flight experience with its award-winning in-flight entertainment system, ICE, but also takes pride in offering regionally inspired gourmet meals across all classes. For those who seek luxury in the skies, Emirates’ First Class private suites and the exclusive Shower Spa on their A380 fleet are the epitome of opulence.

As Emirates continues to be a top choice for travelers from India to the USA, the airline’s strategic expansion of its network and fleet modernization ensures that it stays ahead in the competitive skies. With the introduction of environmentally friendly aircraft and a push towards enhancing passenger experience, Emirates is not just an airline; it’s a global brand synonymous with excellence and comfort.

Qatar Airways: Your Gateway to the USA with Award-winning Comfort

Doha: The Crossroads of the Skies

Qatar Airways offers Indian travelers seamless one-stop connections to the USA via the state-of-the-art Hamad International Airport in Doha. Renowned for their hospitality and an award-winning in-flight experience, Qatar Airways ensures that the journey is a luxurious part of the travel experience.

Qatar Airways’ Connections to the USA

Indian CityUS DestinationTransitFlight Highlights
Mumbai (BOM)New York (JFK)Doha (DOH)Qsuite available
Delhi (DEL)Chicago (ORD)Doha (DOH)Spacious seating
Bangalore (BLR)Houston (IAH)Doha (DOH)Gourmet cuisine

Qatar Airways’ In-Flight Excellence

SeatsExtra comfortQsuite optionSpacious and private
DiningInternational cuisineDine on demandLuxury dining
IFEOryx One entertainmentOver 4,000 optionsExclusive content

Qatar Airways bridges the gap between India and the USA with flights designed for comfort, convenience, and efficiency. Their Qsuite, available on select routes, has revolutionized Business Class travel, offering a private sanctuary in the skies. Across all classes, passengers can enjoy international gourmet cuisine and an extensive selection of entertainment on the Oryx One system.

With a focus on service excellence and innovation in passenger comfort, Qatar Airways remains a top choice for travelers flying from India to the USA. Their commitment to quality and passenger satisfaction is evident in every aspect of the flight experience, making Qatar Airways a preferred airline for international travelers.

Etihad Airways: Luxury Meets Convenience on Flights to the USA

Abu Dhabi: Your Luxurious Stopover

Etihad Airways ensures travelers from India enjoy one-stop luxury to various US destinations via their ultramodern hub at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Known for their innovative cabins and attentive service, Etihad turns travel into an indulgent experience.

Etihad Airways’ One-Stop US Destinations

Indian CityUS DestinationTransitFlight Experience
Mumbai (BOM)New York (JFK)Abu Dhabi (AUH)The Residence available
Delhi (DEL)Chicago (ORD)Abu Dhabi (AUH)Business Studio
Kochi (COK)Los Angeles (LAX)Abu Dhabi (AUH)Economy Space

Etihad Airways’ In-Flight Luxuries

EconomySmart seatsComplimentary Wi-FiE-BOX stream
BusinessFlat-bed seatsOnboard loungeLive TV
FirstPrivate SuitesChef service23-inch screens

Etihad Airways invites passengers to experience a blend of opulence and practicality on their way from India to the USA. Whether it’s the revolutionary ‘The Residence’ on select routes, offering a three-room suite in the sky, or the spaciousness of their Business Studios, Etihad caters to discerning travelers seeking the ultimate in air travel.

For those in Economy, Etihad’s ‘Economy Space’ offers extra legroom, ensuring a comfortable journey. The in-flight entertainment, with its E-BOX stream, provides access to a vast selection of movies, TV shows, and games, alongside connectivity options like complimentary Wi-Fi, ensuring travelers stay entertained and connected above the clouds.

Etihad’s commitment to offering a seamless and luxurious journey positions it as a top choice for travelers from India looking to explore or return home from the USA, with the bonus of experiencing the grandeur of Abu Dhabi along the way.

American Airlines: Direct Links and Strong Partnerships from India to the USA

Expanding Horizons with American Airlines

American Airlines sets the bar high with their direct flights to the USA from India, offering unmatched convenience for travelers. Their strategic alliances with Indian airlines further smooth the journey, providing hassle-free connections and a wider network.

American Airlines’ Direct Routes

Indian CityUS DestinationFrequencyAlliance Benefits
Delhi (DEL)New York (JFK)DailyCodeshare with Indian carriers
Bengaluru (BLR)Chicago (ORD)Selected daysSeamless connections

Partner Airlines and Connectivity

Partner AirlineBenefitAdditional Services
IndiGoExpanded network within IndiaShared loyalty rewards
VistaraPremium domestic experienceJoint fare options

American Airlines, renowned for their comprehensive service and extensive route network, now extends these benefits to passengers flying from India to the USA. Their partnerships with leading Indian airlines like IndiGo and Vistara not only amplify the reach within India but also ensure a seamless transition from domestic to international sectors.

Passengers can enjoy the perks of joint loyalty programs and exclusive fare deals, making the transcontinental journey both cost-effective and rewarding. Whether you’re jetting off from Delhi or Bengaluru, American Airlines promises a direct and comfortable path to your desired city in the United States, coupled with the added value of strong local connections.

Delta Air Lines: A Revived Gateway from India to the USA

Delta’s Comeback: Direct and Vast Network Connections

Delta Air Lines marks its strong re-entry into the Indian market, offering direct flights to the USA and tapping into its vast network across North America. This move re-establishes Delta as a key player for travelers looking for direct routes and extensive connectivity.

Delta Airlines AviationAdda.Com

Delta’s Direct Services to the USA

Indian CityUS DestinationFrequency
Mumbai (BOM)New York (JFK)Daily
Mumbai (BOM)Atlanta (ATL)Weekly

Delta’s US Network Reach

US HubConnections OfferedNotable Features
Atlanta (ATL)Over 200 destinationsWorld’s busiest airport hub
New York (JFK)Extensive international networkGateway to Europe and beyond

Delta Air Lines’ strategic return to the Indian skies is a boon for travelers, providing non-stop flights to major hubs in the United States like New York and Atlanta. The airline’s extensive network from these hubs ensures passengers can reach practically any corner of the Americas with ease.

Their presence in key US cities means that Indian travelers can not only reach their US destination directly but also have a plethora of onward connections at their disposal. Whether for business or leisure, Delta’s comprehensive service and connectivity offer a convenient and reliable choice for transatlantic travel from India to the USA.

British Airways: Premium Transatlantic Journey via London

A Preferred European Connection to the USA

British Airways upholds its reputation as a preferred carrier for those traveling from India to the USA, offering premium services and timely connections through its London hub. Passengers can enjoy the quintessential British hospitality en route to numerous American destinations.

British Airways AviationAdda.Com

British Airways India-USA via London Routes

Indian CityLondon (LHR)US DestinationFrequency
Mumbai (BOM)DirectNew York (JFK)Daily
Delhi (DEL)DirectSan Francisco (SFO)Daily
Bangalore (BLR)DirectChicago (ORD)Weekly
Hyderabad (HYD)DirectLos Angeles (LAX)Weekly

British Airways Premium Services

Service AspectDescription
Club World (Business Class)Luxurious flat-bed seats and gourmet dining
World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy)Extra legroom and enhanced service
Onboard ConnectivityWi-Fi across the fleet for a connected journey

British Airways serves as a bridge between India and the USA, with its flights routed through London Heathrow, offering passengers a seamless and luxurious transit experience. The tables above showcase the various routes British Airways operates, connecting major Indian cities with key US destinations.

Travelers can choose from a range of cabin classes, including the enhanced comfort of World Traveller Plus or the luxury of Club World, ensuring a comfortable journey. The added advantage of onboard connectivity keeps passengers in touch with the ground, making British Airways a top choice for transatlantic travel.

Singapore Airlines: A Synonym for Excellence in the Sky

One-stop Superiority: India to USA via Singapore

Singapore Airlines, a global icon of airborne luxury, offers travelers from India one-stop routes to the United States. Renowned for their top-notch in-flight service, the airline makes the long journey seem like part of the destination itself.

Singapore Airlines AviationAdda.Com

Singapore Airlines India-USA Routes via Singapore

Indian CitySingapore (SIN)US DestinationFrequency
Mumbai (BOM)DirectLos Angeles (LAX)Daily
Delhi (DEL)DirectSan Francisco (SFO)Daily
Bangalore (BLR)DirectNew York (JFK)Weekly
Chennai (MAA)DirectSeattle (SEA)Weekly

Singapore Airlines In-flight Excellence

Service FeatureDescription
Suites and First ClassPrivate cabins and luxury amenities
Business ClassSpacious seating and fine dining
In-flight EntertainmentWide selection of movies, music, and games
KrisWorldState-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system

Singapore Airlines stands out for providing a seamless and opulent experience from India to the USA. As illustrated in the tables, the airline connects major Indian cities with prime US destinations via its Singapore hub. The journey is as comfortable as it is convenient, with multiple service classes tailored to suit diverse preferences and needs.

With exceptional attention to detail, Singapore Airlines ensures a memorable journey. Whether it’s the privacy of the Suites, the indulgence of First Class, or the innovative KrisWorld entertainment system, the airline exemplifies excellence in air travel, making it a favored choice for discerning travelers heading to the USA.

Lufthansa: German Engineering Takes Flight

Precision in the Air: India to USA via Germany

Lufthansa, synonymous with German precision and reliability, provides passengers with seamless flights from India to various cities in the USA, with connections through their Frankfurt and Munich hubs.

Lufthansa A380 AviationAdda.Com

Lufthansa India-USA Direct Routes via Germany

Indian CityGermany (Frankfurt/Munich)US DestinationFrequency
Delhi (DEL)Frankfurt (FRA)New York (JFK)Daily
Mumbai (BOM)Munich (MUC)San Francisco (SFO)Daily
Bangalore (BLR)Frankfurt (FRA)Chicago (ORD)Weekly
Chennai (MAA)Munich (MUC)Houston (IAH)Weekly

Lufthansa In-flight Services

First ClassPersonalized service, fine dining, and full-flat beds
Business ClassErgonomic seats, premium menus, and extra space
Premium EconomyAdditional legroom, enhanced service, and amenity kits
Economy ClassComfort, convenience, and entertainment options

Lufthansa’s commitment to punctuality and service excellence is well-reflected in their operations. The airline ensures travelers from India can reach their American destinations with the least hassle, offering an array of flights through their strategic hubs in Frankfurt and Munich. As the tables illustrate, passengers can choose from various service classes, each designed to provide a unique in-flight experience tailored to their needs and expectations.

With Lufthansa, passengers are assured not just a flight but an experience characterized by meticulous German engineering and hospitality, making their transcontinental journey from India to the USA a pleasurable experience.

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