Why United Airlines’ New Boarding Policy is a Win for Middle Seat Flyers

United AIrlines

United Airlines recently announced a new boarding policy, aimed at streamlining the boarding process and offering a perk for passengers in middle seats. The procedure, named WILMA (Window, Middle, Aisle), allows middle seat passengers to board before those in aisle seats. The policy is expected to save up to two minutes of boarding time.

Under the new policy:

  1. Pre-boarding and groups one through three remain unchanged.
  2. Group four, which previously included middle and aisle-seat travelers, will now be limited to middle seats only.
  3. Group five will exclusively consist of aisle seats.
  4. A new group six category will be created for travelers flying with restricted basic economy fares without carry-on options or those without a specific boarding group number.

This change aims to enhance efficiency during the boarding process, making it faster and more organized. The WILMA boarding procedure was tested at several domestic line stations and one hub, with boarding times showing improvement of up to two minutes since 2019.

The new policy is set to be implemented on October 26, offering a smoother boarding experience for United Airlines passengers.

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