Lufthansa’s Ambitious Expansion: New Narrow bodies to Transform City Airlines


Lufthansa Group is planning to allocate 40 of its 80 narrowbody aircraft order to its new subsidiary, City Airlines. City Airlines is set to debut in 2024 and will initially use A319-100s, presumably sourced from its parent company. The subsidiary’s primary role will be to operate feeder flights from various European cities to Lufthansa’s hubs at Frankfurt International and Munich.

According to Lufthansa Group CEO Carsten Spohr, the remaining 40 narrowbody aircraft are likely to be either Airbus A320neo or Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, which will be distributed among one or more airlines within the Lufthansa Group.

Spohr’s mention of potentially considering Boeing 737 MAX aircraft is notable, as Lufthansa traditionally operates an all-Airbus narrowbody fleet, with Airbus A320-200Ns and A321-200NXs on order. Lufthansa’s long-haul fleet is more diverse, including both Airbus and Boeing aircraft. This long-haul fleet includes A350-1000s, A350-900s, B777-9s, and B787-9s on order.

The final decision on the narrow body aircraft orders is expected to be made during the IATA winter season. Lufthansa Group’s allocation of aircraft to its subsidiary and the potential addition of Boeing 737 MAX to its fleet represent strategic moves in expanding its operations and fleet choices.

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