Lufthansa Offers Record $500 Compensation to Teen with Coffee Burns on Budapest Flight


Lufthansa offered a record-high compensation of $500 to a teenage passenger who suffered second-degree burns on one of their Budapest flights after a cup of coffee spilled on board. The incident occurred during the flight’s second leg, from Frankfurt to Budapest. The family of the 19-year-old passenger, Jack Hayden, is seeking an apology from Lufthansa instead of money. The flight attendant had placed a cup of hot coffee at an angle that caused it to spill directly onto the teenager’s lower body before landing in Budapest. Hayden’s injuries healed by the time he returned home. The airline offered the highest compensation possible without medical documents.

Here are the some of the past bad experiences from Lufthansa which were popular.

Matthew McConaughey’s Terrifying Experience During Severe Lufthansa Turbulence

The actor opens up about a harrowing flight experience on Kelly Ripa’s podcast

Matthew McConaughey recently shared details about his harrowing experience on a Lufthansa flight that encountered severe turbulence. On Kelly Ripa’s “Let’s Talk Off Camera” podcast, he described the incident as “the hairiest flight I’ve ever had.”

The flight, Lufthansa flight 469, was en route from Austin to Frankfurt and was carrying 174 passengers. About 90 minutes into the journey, the Airbus A330 experienced extreme turbulence, leading to a diversion to Washington-Dulles International Airport. Seven people on board were hospitalized due to the turbulence.

Matthew McConaughey recounted the chaos in the cabin, saying, “It’s zero gravity. Your red wine and the glass and the plates that your food was on are all suspended, floating, still just in the air.” He added that it was a “complete loss of control” and a feeling of being “not in control.”

Notably, McConaughey admitted that he did not have his seatbelt fastened when the turbulence hit. He emphasized the importance of ensuring his wife, Camila Alves McConaughey, had her seatbelt on.

The actor shared his gratitude for having a friend who was a pilot on board, providing reassurance that the plane could withstand the turbulence. Severe turbulence incidents are becoming more common, partly due to climate change, making it essential to follow safety measures while flying.

Matthew McConaughey’s description of the turbulent flight, from suspended objects to the fear and chaos, provides insight into a terrifying experience many travelers hope to avoid.

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