Air India’s A350-900 Debuts with a Golden Twist: An AvGeek Dream Come True!

Air India A350 Brand New Livery

The Dawn of a New Era in Indian Skies

Toulouse – There’s a dazzling spectacle catching the eyes of AvGeeks and travelers alike โ€” Air India’s Airbus A350-900 has rolled out a new livery that’s nothing short of a masterpiece. With snapshots captured by @Frenchpainter gracing social media, this design is not just an update โ€” it’s a bold statement.

Gold-Trimmed Wings of Progress

Air India has not just changed its colors; it has woven a narrative. The gold-touched wingtips are not merely a design element; they’re a nod to the airline’s storied past and a beacon of its future. The gold frames add a premium feel that’s visible whether the plane is slicing through clouds or taxiing on the tarmac.

Air India's Airbus A350-900 has rolled out a new livery.
Source: FrenchPainter

The Majestic Tailfin: A Cultural Canvas

Turning to the tailfin, the hero window frame tip is a testament to innovation, embracing a forward-looking stance in aviation design. The Jaali pattern, inspired by the chakra from the original logo, is a cultural homage that soars high with every flight.

Underbelly Storytelling: Crafted for the Clouds

As the A350-900 ascends, the “hero gold frame” underbelly is a spectacle from below. Air Indiaโ€™s wordmark is emblazoned across it, sitting proudly within a red frame โ€” a detail specifically designed to be recognized from the ground.

Air India's Airbus A350-900 has rolled out a new livery.
Source: FrenchPainter

Red Engines with a Golden Edge

The engines showcase a robust Air India red, bordered by the storytelling gold band, harmoniously tying the underbelly and wingtip designs together. It’s a visual symphony that speaks of power and grace.

The Final Touch: Humor Meets High Tech

And for a touch of levity, the red engine cover marked “THIS SIDE UP” reminds us that Air India approaches its craft with a blend of high technology and a light heart.

Air India's Airbus A350-900 has rolled out a new livery.
Source: FrenchPainter

In conclusion, Air India’s A350-900 isn’t just an aircraft; it’s a statement. It’s an invitation to look upwards and behold a story of India’s rich heritage cutting across the skies. This new livery isn’t just for the AvGeeks; it’s a global call to witness the elegance of flight, reimagined. Watch out for this airborne marvel โ€” it’s a golden fantasy turned reality!

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